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Welcome to Piece of Mind


Welcome friends! I am glad you could make it. As you can see, you are inside of a padded room. If you are not, please send a note of complaint to the main office and you will me moved at once. Well, anywho. Welcome to Piece of Mind. A local asylum. Yes, yes, you are all quite insane indeed. Now, I am sure that none of you want to stay in your fluffy new room forever. I wouldnt advise it for sure. After all, you have to go to the bathroom eventually.. SO! To prove your sanity, you must fight your way to the end and out. Obviously if you are sane enough to survive, you are sane enough to function in society.

Have fun, dont die.

Winner will recive a 12 Month Premium Membership:dummy:


This is an OCT based, as you can see, inside of a mental hospital. In this strange, strange place, you will find yourself pitted against other characters. But, whats that? There are inmates still locked in their cells, dead, and....brainless? Better hope you can make it out alive, before you end up the same!!

:bulletblue: Any questions can be directed to either :iconmikori-zani: or :iconshuakuma: inside of a note. We would prefer you send the noted questions to the OCT group.

:bulletgreen:Important Dates:bulletgreen:

Round 1 Winners Announcement January 18th
:bulletblue: Congrats to everyone who made their submissions, and the best of luck to you all!

Round 2 Match-up Announcement January 21st

Round 2 Submissions Due ????

:bulletred: Special events will be posted at least 3 weeks in advance.

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More then one person has asked what has been happening and if we shall go on and feel I should explain all. As of this time life is kicking Mikori-Zani. Between classes, work, and her table at a Con that just ended I have no clue if we can go forward at all. I have written up the next 3 chapters of Piece of Mind but she has it. I type really slow plus I can not spell to save my soul. She is the head of two of the main characters to the point that I could not run them in her place. This is the reason that the 'Meet the Doctors' is only half done. I control Dr. D and Wraith, she controls Dr. C and Akaeda. I have two left in my list because one never got back to me (not a shock since all the hiatus) and the second is busy because of school.

Sorry for all the craziness for it was not meant. I feel that we must call this dead. I'm sorry for all the wait and it is to my great sadness to call this story dead and even more so to leave this unfinished.

Sorry and with my deepest sorrow.
This is Shuakuma and I would like to apologize for the lack of well anything. I have had a really bad case of writer's block so doing the in between round thing is slow going. Mikori-Zani is have a bad case of college craziness which is the reason for her vanishing act. I would like to thank you guys for your concern and I am sorry if we have worried any of you. We should hopefully get things worked out soon and I, again, would like to apologize.

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Just a random lil check in. How is everyone?
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I apologize to everyone for our slow going. Personally I hit a hard time, but as the school year winds down, the tournament will definetly pick up again.
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She also lacks internet at home. I am waiting for my next person to reply.
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I'm starting to get a bit worried honestly, Nothing's been said by the founders. I was looking forward to a whole tournament :( hopefully everything get's sorted out here.
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Needs to go in spectator entries.
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Picked the worst time to have my internet shut off...oh well! I'll still follow the tourney anyhow! :3
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